Mavericks News · September Bull Collar

Congrats to Camille Massaad (Football) and Brooke Thueson (Volleyball) for being awarded the Bull Collar Award for the month of September.

  • Cam was nominated by Coach Benedick and Sheridan Berg.  Of Cam, Coach B said, “Cam is an all-around great person! He excels on the football field and the basketball court. The respect from his peers is also evident, he is our ASB president. He is an excellent representative of our school and our football team.  He is a great student, a great athlete and an amazing young man!  They just don’t get any better than Cam Massaad!
  • Matt Edwards nominated Brooke, and says that, “It takes hardly any time at all to realize that Brooke is exactly what we want Mountain View to be about. She’s a student who goes out of her way to take challenging classes and excels in them, she’s a devoted member of student council, and an athlete. Brooke does all that is asked of her without hesitation and without any excuses about a busy schedule. In essence, she mixes intellect with grit, and that’s what all students should strive for.”