Mavericks News · October Bull Collar

Congrats to Blake Jablonski (Football, Baseball, Sports Med) and Lizza Wallace (Soccer, Track, Sports Med) for being named the Bull Collar Athletes of the Month for the month of October.


  • Shayla Foster and Taylor Clark nominated Blake and of Blake, she said: “Blake’s strong work ethic and positive attitude is contagious to those around him. He is always respectful and appreciative while getting treatment for his injuries and although this made playoffs stressful he was able to balance his academics, work, football and sports medicine commitments. Blake is the kind of person who puts his needs second to others and will do anything for his friends, family, and his maverick brothers. Blake is deserving of this award for pushing to be the best and never giving up with a smile on his face.


  • Lizza was nominated by Head Girls Soccer Coach Alyssa Gentle.  Coach Gentle said that,” . Lizza is a multi-sport varsity athlete who puts her heart and soul into any practice, game, or meet she is participating in. I was able to witness several occasions over the past few years where Lizza has gone above and beyond expectations. Over the summer she came out to open play, in 106 degree weather to help train the new incoming freshmen and sophomores. Lizza later told me she wanted the new girls to feel included and excited about our upcoming season. I had given the rest of the team the day off after coming home from a College Camp, but there is Lizza ready to put in the work. Lizza always has a positive attitude. I have never heard her complain once. During fitness tests, she finished her 800 meter sprint and noticed a teammate that was going to quit. Lizza got up and ran with her teammate, so she could finish her test. After witnessing some of those acts I knew Lizza would be the perfect Captain. I can ask her to go play any position, mark any opponent, or try and new task and her response is always the same, “Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it”.  She is not only an exemplary athlete she also excels in the class room. She is a very bright young lady. Always willing to help others and include them in any social setting. At the end of the day to describe Lizza Wallace I would say she is hard working, caring, positive, and great kid. All which sums up to me a Bull Collar Athlete.