Mavericks News · March Bull Collar

Congrats to Charlie Tentinger (Baseball) and Sariah Shaner (Tennis) for winning the Bull Collar Award for the month of March!


  • Charlie was nominated by head baseball coach Matt Rasmussen.  Of Charlie, Rass says that, “The Bull Collar award  is designed for guys like Charlie Tentinger.  Charlie is great at setting goals and then putting the necessary work in to accomplish them.  Charlie is always the first to show up and last to leave, he gives max effort on the field, in the weight room, hitting facility, and classroom.  Charlie makes those around him better and we are a better baseball team because of him.  We are lucky to have a guy like Charlie in our program; his energy makes us go!  Charlie’s desire and passion to be the best he can be has paid off.  Charlie leads our team in RBI’s, hits, and On-base-percentage.  In addition, his hard work earned him a scholarship to play baseball at the College of Southern Idaho this fall.”


  • Head Tennis Coach Tiffany Coll nominated Sariah.  Coach Coll said that, “I have never nominated someone before as my expectation for this award is very high but she represents everything the bull collar is about! For three years she fought and battled her way on the JV team slowly inching to the top of the ladder last year as a varsity alternate player. She practiced every day with varsity and before every match I had to look her in the eyes to let her know she would be playing with the JV team for the match as we practice with 10 girls but only the top 9 players play the varsity match. Not once did she look discouraged or defeated. She smiled and said no problem even though I knew inside she wanted that shot to play a varsity match. Last year’s JV district fell on the same day as prom and she informed me she would not be able to play as she had prom events all day. We talked and I explained to her that her team needed her as she had been undefeated all year and that the commitment to this team was important whether it was the JV district or varsity district. Without a second thought she said she would play for her team. She won JV districts last year in singles, going undefeated all year, and helped secure MVHS girls tennis district team champions! She played all day, missed all her day prom events, didn’t get to shower but still made it to the dance! Sariah got accepted into BYU this fall and was faced with another tough decision with tryouts approaching. Work this semester to save money to pay for college or play tennis on the varsity team, a goal she had been working on the last 4 years? When she told me about the difficult decision she needed to make,  we had a discussion about life, work, college, and tennis. I just told her we would support her in her decision. I asked if we could help balance work and tennis so that she could do both. And at the end of our conversation, I told her she had her entire life to work and be an adult and this was her last chance to play varsity tennis, something she had worked so hard in the last 3 years to accomplish. Selfishly I had hoped she would choose to play as I knew she would have an immediate impact on our girls varsity team.  She chose to work Saturdays during tennis so that she could play varsity tennis this year. She is holding it down for us a the #2 singles position, maintaining a 4.0, working Saturdays, is the president of all the choirs at school, and I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what she has on her plate this year!  Sariah encompasses everything a coach could dream of in a player. Her hard-work, fearlessness, dedication, kindness, positiveness, grit, and leadership are exactly what it means to be a Maverick,  both on the court and within the community and classroom.  HER PRIORITIES ARE SET NOT ONLY THIS YEAR BUT IN HER FUTURE AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT NOTHING WILL GET IN HER WAY OF ACHIEVING HER GOALS.”