Mavericks News · October Bull Collar

Congratulations to McKay Flake, Boys Soccer and Brooke Snyder, Girls Soccer – for winning the Bull Collar Award for the month of October!

  • Head Boys Soccer Coach Steve Brent nominated McKay.  Coach Brent said that McKay “volunteered for Timbers tournament and Spanish Club concessions. Had a season ending Concussion. Never missed a game and almost all training sessions , not how a senior year wanted to go out. He’s been amazing supporter of Maverick soccer and sports. We will miss him in the program for sure.”
  • Brook was nominated by Head Women’s Soccer Coach Alyssa Wolf.  Of Brooke, Coach Wolf says that, “Brooke has really stepped up this season to help push her teammates to achieve our main goal in making it to State. Her drive and determination started this last spring. She is the athlete who is always asking what can she do to better herself. What can she do to push the limits and find greatness. Once given the tools, she reached out to her teammates and made it a goal that when season comes around they would crush fitness tests in preseason, out last any team in our conference, and make it to State. This summer Brooke went out with several teammates and did trail runs and practiced the fitness tests multiple times despite the 100 degree heat. During fitness tests Brooke pushed herself to be a top finisher. Brooke proceeded to push her remaining teammates to finish the fitness tests strong as well. That is character, that is something everyone looks up to Brooke for.  In games Brooke goes max effort every second. There are times I know she is tired but pushes herself to give her all to achieve our desired outcome. This season the Snyder’s suffered a devastating house fire. They lost most of their possessions due to smoke damage. Luckily, no one was home at the time or injured. A witness saw Brooke come out of the smoking house with her soccer bag on her back. The only thing she cared at that moment was her game day uniforms were safe. Brooke insisted on playing that game despite what she went through the night before and being displaced from her home. She had a phenomenal game against Centennial helping us to a 4-1 victory. Not many people can pick up the pieces and press on like that. Brooke is a huge reason we ended up where we did in the post season. We played 490 minutes of soccer in 1 week. Again, pushing herself to limits most do not even come close to reaching. I am so proud of Brooke and her accomplishments this season. She is more than deserving of this award.”